Converting Earth’s Heat to Green Hydrogen

The Meager Creek geothermal project is a renewable & clean energy opportunity. Rather than selling the power to the grid, it will be used to make green hydrogen.

The project is 3.5 hours north of Vancouver, BC in the Coast Mountain range. It lies within the unceded traditional territory of the Lil’wat First Nation.

Projects like this support the energy transition and meet society’s net zero 2050 commitments.

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy comes from the heat derived from the Earth. This energy is nearly inexhaustible, reliable, & is available 24/7. There are places around the world, where this heat resource is close to the surface. This means the heat is accessible to convert into geothermal power.

Why geothermal energy?

Clean Energy Source

Renewable & low carbon power provided by Earth’s heat

Reliable power 24/7

Geothermal power is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Small Surface Impact

Geothermal has one of the smallest surface impacts of any energy source

Low Levelized Cost of Energy

Accounting for life of the geothermal resource, the cost of power is low


Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe – found bonded to other elements. To make green hydrogen you add an electric current to water to split it into its parts – hydrogen & oxygen.

The use of renewable power, like geothermal, is what makes the hydrogen ‘green’. Globally over 96% of hydrogen available today is from non-renewable sources.

Pure hydrogen is incredibly energy dense. Making it an ideal energy source for fuel cell technology – useful for the transportation sector & remote power generation.

How do you make green hydrogen?

Global Hydrogen Market

How much hydrogen does
1 MW of power make?

Events & News

2022 Slow Food Cycle Sunday

Our team was excited to participate in the 2022 Slow Food Cycle Sunday event. It was our introduction to the Pemberton community.

Thank you for the warm welcome & for your curiosity about our project.

Seequent Clean Energy Vlog

Thank you Seequent for featuring our project. Their Leapfrog software was used to create our 3D geothermal resource model. It is an honour to be featured.

You can read the full articles here & here

New Research at Meager Creek

The Geological Survey of Canada initiated new research at the Meager Creek geothermal project. The lessons learned there have broader implications for advancing geothermal in British Columbia. Read the report here.

Leaders in the Energy Transition

Our Team

We are a Canadian clean energy developer. Founded by experts in the energy sector who are committed to doing something to decarbonize our energy.

We want to be a part of the solution to benefit future generations and our planet. We are applying our expertise to developing sustainable energy projects that are safe, environmentally sound, and financially viable.

Project Partners

Thank you to our project partners for their expertise in exploration, drilling, & engineering.

Territorial Acknowledgement

The principals of Meager Creek Development Corporation are grateful to be planning the Meager Creek geothermal to green hydrogen project on the unceded territory of the Lil’wat People, known in their language as L̓il̓wat7úl. We respect and commit to a deep consideration of their history, culture, stewardship and voice.

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