The Meager Creek Geothermal Project

An innovative approach to develop a mountain of clean energy. The Meager Creek geothermal resource is one of Canada’s best underdeveloped projects.

Building on a legacy of 50 years of data & expert researchers.

Líl̓wat Nation

The Meager Creek geothermal project lies within the unceded traditional territory of the Lil’wat Nation.

For the Lil’wat community, the land and people are one. We acknowledge the self-determination of the Lil’wat Nation over their land, community, and culture as they have done since time immemorial and will do so for generations to come.

Project Location

The Meager Creek geothermal project is located approximately 3.5 hours north of Vancouver. Approximately 70 km northwest of Pemberton, BC.

The project is located within the Garibaldi Volcanic Belt, a chain of dormant volcanoes running from Vancouver to Mount Meager. This provides the geothermal energy required to make power.

Project is accessible via existing roads, including forest service roads. The region contains existing power infrastructure from two run of river hydro facilities.

Geothermal Lease

Meager Creek Development Corporation holds the only geothermal lease in British Columbia. This lease grants the holder the ability to generate geothermal power.

BC is one of the few jurisdictions in Canada with a geothermal regulatory framework. Currently the provincial government is considered to own the “right, title and interest in all geothermal resources”.

Geothermal resources in BC are defind as “the natural heat of the earth and all substances that derive an added value from it, including the steam, water or water vapour heated by the natural heat of the earth and all substances dissolved [in the fluid].” This excludes resources less than 80 degrees Celsius.

Project History

The Meager Creek geothermal resource has been studied since the late 1970s. Techniques to evaluate it include geology, geochemistry, geophysics, and drilling of numerous wells. Wells include thermal gradient wells (slim diameter wells to measure subsurface temperature), deep slim wells, and several full-diameter wells (for power generation).

The results of these explorations strongly indicate the presence of a geothermal resource of 220-240C, with a maximum measured temperature of 275C. This qualifies the Meager Creek geothermal resource as “high temperature” (>200C) and a major geothermal site (site with >100MW of potential capacity).

For context, 1 MW of power is enough to provide electricity to approximately 1,000 homes.

Work to Date

Visual Baseline

Use of drone technology to capture legacy impacts to surface

Digitized Data

Digitize legacy data & maps to integrate into resource models

3D Modelling

These models help us understand the resource & opportunity

Baseline Survey

Sample collection to document ‘current state’ of land

The Future at Meager Creek

Continued Monitoring & Study

Innovative Drilling Program

Surface Facility Start-Up

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