Hydrogen Market

An Overview

The hydrogen market is an established, billion dollar industry. Currently 96% of our hydrogen comes from non-renewable sources.

Proposed as a future fuel to decarbonize long-haul transportation & provide remote power.

Size of Hydrogen Market (USD)
Amount of Hydrogen Made from 1 mW
Current Retail Price in British Columbia

What is Hydrogen?


Hydrogen is the most abundant
element in our universe

Energy Dense

Pound for pound, hydrogen contains 3x the energy as traditional fuels


Fuel cells aids the transition of long-haul transportation & remote power sectors


Hydrogen can be shipped to where the energy is needed, unlike other renewables

What Makes Hydrogen ‘Green’?

Hydrogen is classified by colour to denote the source or processes from which it is derived. Currently 96% of hydrogen comes from either coal (brown hydrogen) or natural gas (grey hydrogen).

 Grey Hydrogen

Made from breaking natural gas into its
parts – carbon & hydrogen

Blue Hydrogen

Takes grey hydrogen and adds carbon
capture & storage

Green Hydrogen

Produced by introducing an electric current to break water into its parts – hydrogen & oxygen

How is Green Hydrogen Made?

Green hydrogen is produced by the process of electrolysis. This introduces an electric current to water. This current will break the bones between the oxygen and hydrogen. The electric current used must come from a clean energy source, like solar, wind, hydroelectricity, and geothermal. To be certified green hydrogen requires a carbon emission reduction of >60-70%.

The importance of power in this process means that the price of green hydrogen is limited by the price of power. Geothermal is a great pairing to produce green hydrogen, as you have reliable power with a low levelized cost over the lifetime of the project.

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